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All Hail Geeks – YouTube’s Geek Week Starts Today (Aug 4-10)

on August 4, 2013

Geeks on dates, “Cartoon Hangover”, tips to make an epic movie for less than $100 and a healthy dose of parodies highlight Blockbuster Sunday. Today is the first day of a week’s celebration of geekery: Blockbuster Sunday, Global Geekery Monday, Brainiac Tuesday, Super Wednesday, Gaming Thursday, Fan Friday – click here to see the full schedule. PC Magazine provides additional details about the week, which is a collaboration between YouTube, Nerdist (U.S.) and Channel Flip (U.K.) to present hundreds of geek channels. The highlight happens on hump day – the exclusive trailer for Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World (coming to theaters Nov. 8), hosted by comic-book legend Stan Lee.

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