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Nov 2 – National Deviled Egg Day

on November 1, 2013
Deviled Eggs shot during the Inaugural Portabl...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The history of this holiday is devilishly hidden, as is the origin of the deviled egg itself. According to author Rachael Rizzo, the indulgent treat may have originated in Ancient Rome as boiled eggs with spices. The toppings might have included wine, pine kernels, celery, fish sauce, honey, white vinegar, and pine nuts. Recipes in medieval cookbooks advised eggs to be stuffed with ingredients such as raisins, goat cheese, mint marjoram, cloves, and cinnamon (see Rizzo’s complete e-zine article here). Eggcited to make a batch for yourself? Family Circle has several recipes, from bacon and cheese deviled eggs to salmon deviled eggs. Food Network has a video for step-by-step instructions to boil the perfect egg.

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