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Aug 15 – National Back to School Day

I have no idea what the origin of this holiday is, if it even is a holiday. In fact, I would have been completely ignorant of the day, if I hadn’t gone to Sonic for dinner recently, on a too-lazy-to-cook night. Inside the bag containing a meal for my husband, poochie and myself (all for $7.71!), was a flyer announcing “National Back to School Day”. There are many rituals that lead up to the return to school, my personal favorite being the annual viewing of Staples’ classic commercial (circa 1996),

but this one is a great new addition. All day, Sonic is offering half-price cheeseburgers for Grades K-everyone. Almost makes me nostalgic for buying school supplies, including erasable pens, Garbage Pail Kids posters for locker decor, and the most awesome folder, the Trapper Keeper (do they still have those – or is everything digital now??).

Trapper Keeper Folder

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