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Goodbye, Le Beard: A Clean-Shaven Simon Le Bon Returns?

UPDATE: Looks like we have beard-free confirmation, my fellow Durannies!! I just spotted this photo of Simon (with perhaps just a touch of scruff) in a surprise appearance on stage with Nile Rodgers and Chic, at Heart in the Park. The event took place July 14th, at Hyde Park in London. Click on this link to see more pictures via Simon Le Bon makes a surprise appearance with Nile Rodgers and Chic! | Heart In The Park: Performances – Heart. Also, see the video below of Simon and Nile singing “Notorious”.

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A week before Bastille Day, we have reason to open a bottle of champagne (yes, the good stuff!). I thought of entitling this “New Man on Monday” (or “To the Shave”, or  “Electric Shaverfella”, or “The Beard Doesn’t Grow Forever”,  or “Shave a Prayer” etc., etc.), but I like TeamSimonLeBon’s title best. Click below to see the pic. Now, I’m out on a limb here – I haven’t seen confirmation that this is indeed a current snap. We shall see next week, when photos of Judge Le Bon emerge from the Cartier ‘Style et Luxe’ vehicle design competition at Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex (see “related article” link below for details). In any case, a glass (ok, bottle!) of champs is never a bad idea. Cheers!

Goodbye, Le Beard! #DD14

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— Team Simon Le Bon (@TeamSimonLeBon) July 8, 2013

…and just a reminder of days gone by, from my personal archives…

Trouser Wowser

Trouser Wowser



Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 3.43.51 PM

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Duran Duran’s Merry Mayan Message


…and speaking of Shine, enjoy Silva Halo (live version) for the holidays!

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Happy Birthday Simon Le Bon!

Happy Birthday to my very favourite singer and lyricist, not to mention book reviewer extraordinaire, Simon Le Bon. I won’t dwell on the sordid topic of age, and will try my best to make you believe that I was only three when I became a Durannie. For fellow enthusiasts, I’ll turn the clock back to 1985 with some of the Duran Duran trading cards I still keep stashed in a drawer.

Flip side of one of the cards

Shirtless Simon the Sailor

Shaken, Not Stirred

Classic Dance Pose

Love the Frosted Tips!


We fans have been accused of being, well, a bit obsessive. I have observed a few who are a bit, shall we say, intense…e.g. those who know what brand cereal the band members eat (how this was discovered, I shudder to think), the band’s preferred hotel in each city, and the precise mood of Simon at every backstage meet & greet. For my part, I must admit that I have purchased every album (including the special collections) they’ve released, and attended more concerts than I can count. My husband was a bit worried about the level of my devotion during their concerts at the House of Blues. We ate at the restaurant to get into the premium line, and stood in that line for hours before racing to get as close to the stage as possible, then standing another hour before the lights went down. We repeated that ritual for almost every night they played at HOB (which amounted to quite a few amazing nights!). At least now that I’m ever so slightly over 21, I could enjoy a glass of wine while waiting. I found a few snaps I took (from a disposable camera – remember those?) from one of the HOB concerts – I believe it was in 2001.

Simon Singing one of his Silky Ballads

After my Dash to the Very Front Row

Trouser Wowser

Encore – Note my lovely special “bracelet” clashing with my pink nails

For all the pleasure (meaning music and book recommendations, of course–what were you thinking??) you have brought to us, THANK YOU! Enjoy a very happy 30thish birthday!! This glass (ok, maybe bottle) of bubbly is for you.

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