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Shetland ponies wear Shetland wool sweaters on Shetland Isles

More adorable animal photos! This is exactly what I needed tonight, after staring at one dismal headline after another. I’m ready to don my Shetland wool sweater, trek north to Scotland, and horse around with these ponies in their neighhhh-borhood. Click here to see more of these models with manes.

from TODAY

Cuteness overload: Shetland ponies wear Shetland wool sweaters on Shetland Isles – Animal Tracks.

By Laura T. Coffey, TODAY

Michelle Obama favors Jason Wu, and Duchess Kate fancies Alexander McQueen. But in a high-fashion horse race, even the first lady of the United States and the future queen consort of England might have trouble coming in ahead of these Shetland ponies rocking custom wool sweaters in Scotland. (Should we take a gallop poll?)

Why are these ponies all dressed up? Some bona fide geniuses at VisitScotland, Scotland’s national tourism organization, thought it up. (Spoiler alert: It’s a Jedi mind trick!!)

VisitScotland released the adorable photos of two diminutive ponies “posing in their winter woollies,” knowing full well that we’d all gasp and overdose on cardigan cuteness. The agency then seized the moment to tell us all the reasons to travel to Scotland in 2013. (As if the ponies wouldn’t be enough of a draw, there’s also an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife, a Viking fire festival in late January, a whiskey festival in May and a music festival in July!)

For their part, Shetland ponies Fivla and Vitamin (that’s right — Vitamin!) remain relaxed and docile in Scotland’s Shetland Isles, despite all the hubbub over their recent photo shoot.

VisitScotland noted that the ponies are wearing sweaters created by Shetland knitter Doreen Brown using Shetland wool — “some rather plush knitwear that wouldn’t seem out of place in any trendy city hangout.” Indeed!!

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Meet the 2013 Puppy Bowl Lineup

Need to warm up your day? We sure do in Chicago! Guaranteed to warm your heart are photos of the 2013 Puppy Bowl stars. Adorable and adoptable, these pups are ready for grrridiron. Click here to see the lineup, read about the players and the shelters they represent.

From TODAY:      By Lauren Sullivan, TODAY

If you had any doubts that your Wednesday would be amazing, fear not: The Puppy Bowl IX starting lineup is out!

Before you set your DVR for on Feb. 3’ for the Super Bowl match between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, take a look at the adorable pups who will be competing in the Puppy Bowl, airing game day on Animal Planet. It’s that time of year when 63 pooches compete in a fierce game of football — only one of them destined to capture the title of Most Valuable Puppy.

As if the game day magic couldn’t get any better, hedgehogs will be cheering from the sidelines this year. And, as usual, a water bowl cam and kiss cam will capture all the more candid cuteness.

Most of the four-legged footballers are less than 3 months old and — more important — all of them are up for adoption.

Whether it’s Aberdeen, the fluffy Australian shepherd mix, Anthony, the sassy pit bull who “plans to major in art history” or Baskin, the Frisbee-loving Jack Russell-pug mix, this year’s lineup is filled with must-adopt pups.

Which puppy is your money on this year? (Insider tip: Don’t trust Boxer. He plans to go into politics.) Click through the slideshow to choose your pick!   via Place your bets: Meet the Puppy Bowl starting lineup – Animal Tracks.

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What Are Your Pets Wearing for the Holidays Photo Contest

From Steve Dale’s Pet World – Great Howliday Photos  By Steve Dale, 12/6/2012 at 5:18 pm

What Are Your Pets Wearing for the Holidays Photo Contest. If you are in need a smile – check out this gallery. You can see all the nominees in the photo gallery below. I’ll interview the winner on my WGN Radio petcast (a podcast for pet lovers), and will make a contribution in that pet’s name to Tree House Humane Society in Chicago (specifically earmarked for the shelter’s capital campaign for their new building).

via What Are Your Pets Wearing for the Holidays Photo Contest: See the nominees and nominate your own! | Steve Dale’s Pet World.

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Paws for the Holidays

Santa Paws and SimonIt’s official, pets rule the Howlidays! The White House has just released its Holiday Card, featuring Bo (who also stars in his own video – see following post for both).

Our furry kids participate in many activities:  unwrapping gifts (occasionally before the festivities actually begin), watching holiday videos (they’ll help me decide my favorites in an upcoming post), admiring (aka swatting and chomping) the ornaments we’ve just hung), enjoying the community’s holiday decorations (in the comfort–and security–of a heated car), and caroling (sounding ever so much better than I do). However, there are a few things in which our furry friends should not partake. The Anti-Cruelty Society (where we adopted our poochee) is a great source of information about pets, and has a special page for holiday safety.

Some of the hazards on the list that can put your pet in peril are: mistletoe, holly and pointsettias (all poisonous); tinsel, ribbon, strings, pine needles, ornament hooks and broken ornaments (all dangers for choking and/or intestinal damage); and of course, chocolate (see their “Everyday Hazards” for more foods to avoid). The site also gives advice for holiday gatherings and guests. A bonus to visiting their site – adorable  season’s greetings e-cards to spread howliday cheer.

…and because you can never see enough holiday pet photos, here is our baby T (at about 10 weeks old). He visited Santa Paws to purrrsonally deliver his wish list. baby t in scarf

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The 2012 White House Holiday Card – Woof!

from the White House Blog…      Lea Prohov   December 06, 2012   10:51 AM EST

2012 White House Holiday Card

The 2012 White House Holiday Card, designed by artist Larassa Kabel, has arrived. And this year’s card spotlights the beloved First Family’s dog, Bo.

via The 2012 White House Holiday Card | The White House.

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