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June 8 – Best Friend Day

on June 7, 2013

Time to celebrate your best friend! This may be your friend from childhood, your confidant, your spouse/partner, your sibling (or other family member), your furry (or feathered, finned, etc) friend, yourself, etc., etc. In times of great stress, it may even be chocolate! Take time today to relax and enjoy your friendship. Send a free friendship e-card at If you’re feeling crafty, click on this video to learn how to make a friendship bracelet. The title promises it’s “super easy”. I have my reservations…after several aggravating attempts recently to follow “beginner’s origami” demos (and a basket full of crumpled paper and the sting of a paper cut for my efforts). Still, if all else fails, you can twist the yarn (or thread) and make a pretty loop. Coupled with a bottle of wine, your friend will praise your efforts (it’s the thought that counts, right?).

You might also want to spend the day watching an Ab Fab marathon – two besties that never cease to entertain with their hilarious hijinks. Season 2 includes “New Best Friend”, where the unthinkable happens – Patsy and Eddie seek other best friends (spoiler alert – all is well at the end). To celebrate their friendship, watch this clip.

Absolutely Fabulous letters - BBC

Reach out globally later this summer – International Friendship Day is August 4th this year.


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