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June 16th – National Fudge Day

on June 7, 2013

Vegan Chocolate Fudge.

Oh Fudddggge!!!! Ralphie’s classic line always comes to mind when I think of fudge (click here to hear it for yourself). I also think of the dream job championed by the Cheermeister – Fudge Judge. Then, there are the endless batches of fudge to be made for gifts (and Santa, of course, to go with the cookies). Sensing a holiday theme here?

So, it seemed a bit odd to me that National Fudge Day is in June. Then, I remembered all the fudge shops to be found in any given summer tourist spot. You can’t walk down a boardwalk without seeing fudge, t-shirts and “special” tourist info booths hawking time-share demos in exchange for “free tickets to the hottest attractions”. Oh, and of course there is always lots of taffy too, but we missed Taffy Day (May 23rd).

In case you gobbled down said fudge on the way back from your holiday (maybe it was starting to melt?). There is no shortage of fudge recipes available. Click here to see ten drool-worthy fudge recipes on – how about bourbon fudge, or peanut butter fudge, or FUDGE ICE CREAM! A friend of mine swears by the Carnation Fudge Recipe, but cautions you must bring the ingredients to a rolling boil and cook (stirring constantly) for the full 4-5 minutes (in other words, follow the recipe). even has a recipe for fudge pie, from who else but Paula Deen?

So, load yourself up with this delicious confection and have a fudgetastic holiday!



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