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Feb 20 – Happy Hoodie Hoo Day!

on February 16, 2013
English: Blizzard

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Got a bad case of the winter blues? Try shouting out some Hoodie Hoo’s! What? You’ve never heard of Hoodie Hoo Day? Ok, I confess – I hadn’t either, until I spotted it on Care2’s e-card site. Yes, they have a Hoodie Hoo e-card that you can send to all your friends (click here – it’s free!). A little Internet digging revealed that the holiday-creating super duo at Wellcat conjured up this day to encourage the coming spring to come a little bit faster. It turns out that Tom Roy and his wife, Ruth, have master-minded many joyous celebrations, including the uber-holiday Call in Sick Because You are Well Day. Well done, Wellcat! Back to Hoodie Day – the day to go outside at noon and shout Hoodie Hoo to chase winter away. You can see photos here, demonstrating a Hoodie Hooing crowd. Click on the Hoodie Hoo e-card to hear the Hoodie Hoo call (note: hoodie rhymes with moody), try a few practice calls, and get out there at high noon to scare away Old Man Winter!


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