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Feb 15 – Un-Valentine

on February 15, 2013

Broken heart symbol

Today is the day to celebrate your singleness (which may be a quite recent state, should your formerly significant-other have forgotten the requisite Valentine candy yesterday or was similarly unromantic). According to Holiday Insights, today is Singles Awareness Day, a holiday created by a single university student. Wikipedia suggests that single celebrants wear green (the opposite of red, of course) and that the day can actually be celebrated on the 13th, 14th or 15th. Today seems like the best day to me, so you can celebrate with 50% off chocolate (meaning you can buy twice as much!). The Wellcat Holiday site designates 2/11 as Satisfied Staying Single Day. This coupling of holidays reminds me of an episode of Apprentice UK, where the candidates had to invent a new holiday along with greeting cards. One of the teams invented a single’s appreciation day, where you would send cards to your single friends so they didn’t feel left out on Valentine’s Day. The team lost, and was chastised for creating the day during the Valentine frenzy (of course, this is a purely commercial take–unlike the oh, so uncommercial Valentine’s Day). So, single or not, celebrate the day and have some CANDY!


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