Cheer Du Jour

A little cheer to forget your troubles, and better yet, to toast with a glass of bubbles!

Feeling Seasonal Stress? Try this…

on December 6, 2012

Stylized snowflake

Are the holidays leaving you holi-dazed? Take a few moments and visit Snow Days for some soothing (and addictive) seasonal fun. Remember when you were a kid and you cut (with safety scissors, of course) out snips of a carefully folded cone of paper? I remember always trying to make the most delicate, lacy flake, but ending up cutting too much and getting chunky strips of paper instead. Forget the homework, I would have to pretend that the dog ate my snowflake. Well, that’s all in the past! With this website you can make as many cuts as you want, see the effect, and undo any over-eager clipping. Plus, you can add a message on the snowflake, which floats with the flurry of thousands of other flakes on the screen. Click on one to admire it, to read a random holiday thought, search for a loved one’s handiwork, and spread a blizzard of cheer!


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