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Feeling Seasonal Stress? Try this…

Stylized snowflake

Are the holidays leaving you holi-dazed? Take a few moments and visit Snow Days for some soothing (and addictive) seasonal fun. Remember when you were a kid and you cut (with safety scissors, of course) out snips of a carefully folded cone of paper? I remember always trying to make the most delicate, lacy flake, but ending up cutting too much and getting chunky strips of paper instead. Forget the homework, I would have to pretend that the dog ate my snowflake. Well, that’s all in the past! With this website you can make as many cuts as you want, see the effect, and undo any over-eager clipping. Plus, you can add a message on the snowflake, which floats with the flurry of thousands of other flakes on the screen. Click on one to admire it, to read a random holiday thought, search for a loved one’s handiwork, and spread a blizzard of cheer!

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Paws for the Holidays

Santa Paws and SimonIt’s official, pets rule the Howlidays! The White House has just released its Holiday Card, featuring Bo (who also stars in his own video – see following post for both).

Our furry kids participate in many activities:  unwrapping gifts (occasionally before the festivities actually begin), watching holiday videos (they’ll help me decide my favorites in an upcoming post), admiring (aka swatting and chomping) the ornaments we’ve just hung), enjoying the community’s holiday decorations (in the comfort–and security–of a heated car), and caroling (sounding ever so much better than I do). However, there are a few things in which our furry friends should not partake. The Anti-Cruelty Society (where we adopted our poochee) is a great source of information about pets, and has a special page for holiday safety.

Some of the hazards on the list that can put your pet in peril are: mistletoe, holly and pointsettias (all poisonous); tinsel, ribbon, strings, pine needles, ornament hooks and broken ornaments (all dangers for choking and/or intestinal damage); and of course, chocolate (see their “Everyday Hazards” for more foods to avoid). The site also gives advice for holiday gatherings and guests. A bonus to visiting their site – adorable  season’s greetings e-cards to spread howliday cheer.

…and because you can never see enough holiday pet photos, here is our baby T (at about 10 weeks old). He visited Santa Paws to purrrsonally deliver his wish list. baby t in scarf

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The 2012 White House Holiday Card – Woof!

from the White House Blog…      Lea Prohov   December 06, 2012   10:51 AM EST

2012 White House Holiday Card

The 2012 White House Holiday Card, designed by artist Larassa Kabel, has arrived. And this year’s card spotlights the beloved First Family’s dog, Bo.

via The 2012 White House Holiday Card | The White House.

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Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta – Christmas Crooning for Charity

Summer Nights (Grease song)

Summer Nights (Grease song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not even sure what to say about this, except it is the return of Grease super-duo Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, and sales of “This Christmas” benefit charities (the Olivia Cancer & Wellness Centre and the Jett Travolta Foundation). You can hear snippets of the songs on Amazon and watch the “I Think You Might Like It” video on YouTube. I suspect the latter is going to be another one of those darned ditties that sticks to your brain like tree sap on Clark Griswold. Maybe Sandy and Danny should have stuck with Summer Nights? Comments??

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