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Orange you glad I posted this?

on November 28, 2012

The finished product…after a slight oops moment.

Today’s project actually started yesterday, with yet another learning moment. After seeing lovely pictures of dried, sliced oranges decking the halls, I decided this was a nice, simple project to do. And it was – mostly. I cut several small oranges into thin slices, placed them on cookie sheets and pierced each slice with two cloves. After baking for an hour at 225 degrees, aromas of spiced citrus encircled the house like a holiday wreath. So far, so good.

So far, so good!

However, the slices didn’t seem quite dry enough yet, so I put them back in the oven for another thirty minutes. I then put the oranges on a cooling rack to finish drying overnight. Having a particularly curious pair of cats (who love to chase any circular–read rolling–object up and down the stairs), I thought it best to protect my craft project du jour by returning the trays to the oven.

Now, the learning moment. Always be sure to check inside the oven before preheating for the next baking project. As the temperature soared to 425 degrees, the bottom tray became charred. I tossed them outside for the wildlife critters – not to eat, but to play a spirited game of hockey.


At least the upper tray survived! Those orange discs smell divine, and make a festive addition to the tree and garland. To hang them, just poke a hole at the top and loop through ribbon, string, dental floss or whatever. So, despite the slight memory lapse, these were very easy to make and I would definitely recommend this project for family fun (except the slicing and baking steps, which should of course be performed by an adult–preferably one who remembers to check the oven first!).

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