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October 19th – Happy James Bond Bonus Day!

on October 19, 2012

The best-laid plans…I had absolutely dedicated myself to updating this blog daily (or nearly so). Then, unforeseen events forced the delay of blog entries. I realized I could watch back episodes of Restaurant Impossible online (we gave up cable nearly a year ago – with no support groups to ease the pain. It was an agonizing transition from the fairy-tale land of DVRs and hundreds of channels [though there was often nothing to watch] to the nightmare of moody antennas and eight [or less] visible channels…with, groan – commercials!) Plus, Project Runway was finishing (also recently found online) and I finally figured out how to set up the second controller on the X-Box. Clearly, a lot of insurmountable obstacles blocked my way…but, I am through those now and am back at it.

Today was a bit sparse on holiday history, so I invented my own fusion/bonus day. MGM previously announced James Bond Day as October 5th, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the premier of Dr. No. November 11th is widely cited as James Bond’s birthday (I have read most, if not all of Ian Fleming’s series, and have seen every Bond film, but do not recall a single mention of a birthday. That is a good example of why I am a terrible trivia partner.) So, I consulted my expansive numerology background to summon the 007 spirit and accurately predict his choice of celebratory days. Ok, so what I actually did was to fiddle with the numbers, until I came up with the 19th. Luckily, it was my first try – adding the four numbers of the the James Bond Day and James Bond birthday (10, 5, 11, and 11) and dividing that by 2 (for the two aforementioned days). The resulting number of 18.5 rounded up to 19. That is the beauty of numbers – while they never lie, they can be so easily manipulated to show a desired result. I could go on about the malleable nature of statistics (especially as we are in the final weeks before the election), but I digress (as usual).

This Bond Bonus Day is a bit of a stretch, I know, but it is after 10 p.m., and I had nothing. Of course, I could have thrown up the Twilight saga–I mean the real-life chronicles of star-crossed lovers Robert and Kristen. Stop the presses – a kiss was captured by a camera today. It must surely mean the return of Robsten (note shameless pop reference that I only just learned today), hence the prominence of the event on Yahoo news and Internet trends of the day.

Speaking of Yahoo, and returning (at last) to James Bond, I saw the title of an article that called Roger Moore the “worst Bond ever”. I didn’t read the article – obviously a work of fiction. The best Bond is a highly charged topic, with fierce defenders of every camp. Many purists go with Sir Sean. My sister clearly favors the current Bond, Daniel Craig. Maybe it’s the fact that I grew up during the Roger Moore dynasty that I am partial to his portrayal of 007. This beguiles me, as I also grew up drooling over Pierce Brosnan, counting the days until he would leave Remington Steele behind and claim his rightful place as Bond. Pierce was a great Bond, but somehow, Moore is my favorite. I suspect it was because I found him the best at delivering those campy lines. Certainly, I will admit that View to a Kill was a great disappointment to me. Poor Roger was getting a bit long in the tooth to play the role – especially with such a youthful Bond girl and no fancy gadgets from Q to distract you from this problem. Of course, the theme song by Duran Duran (and their totally epic accompanying video) more than made up for the film’s shortcomings (in my humble Duranie opinion). Once I figure out the survey function, I will post a poll to see who is trending as the best Bond.

To all the Bonds we’ve loved before, raise a glass. Oh, James!


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